Hilariously Funny White Elephant Gifts

You know it’s coming… the office’s white elephant gift exchange. Do you struggle every year to get the “perfect” imperfect gift? Me too. So this year, I’ve found some hilariously funny white elephant // gag gifts for your office parties!
1.“Oh s*%^! Not you again” Doormat – $22 (shop here!)
This doormat says everything we’re thinking. This is a great, affordable gift that’ll get everyone laughing and fighting over it!
2. Poo-Pourri Poo Spray – $4 (here)
This is so funny. The best part? It actually works! Pair this gift with a roll of toilet paper and you’re good to go! Plus, it’s so affordable, you might want to get one for someone else.
3. Golden Girls Monopoly $40 (shop here)
I’m definitely purchasing this one for one of my coworkers! Who doesn’t love The Golden Girls?
4. “I am Very Busy.” Coffee Mug – $15 (here)
This makes an awesome office party gift- especially if they use it at the office! ‘Cause, you know, drinking coffee is only for very busy people only.
5. “What Would Beyonce Do?” Nameplate – $30 (buy here)
Well… it is a valid question…
6. “If you can read this…”  Socks – $13 (shop here)
Totally buying these for stocking stuffers this year! For white elephant, pair this with a bottle of wine and a wine glass!
7.  Cheeky Notebook – $28 (here)
This is another one I’m personally buying!
8. “Bathe & Brew” Prank Box – $8 (shop here)
This is a great gag gift. The box displays something totally ridiculous from clueless companies. Pack your real gift inside and sit back, relax, and watch the expressions. (But really… how does this not exist?!)
9. The Bathroom Guestbook – $15 (shop here)
I’ve seen this everywhere, and it’s such a good idea! Let friends and family mark each trip to the loo with thoughts, doodles, and assessments of the local décor so others can enjoy their ruminations from the can for decades to come.
10. Freshly Baked USB Cup Warmer – $16 (buy here)
Another great idea! Keep your morning or afternoon beverage warm with this USB-connected cup warmer.

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  1. Omg- the door mat I totally need! (Not that anyone ever comes over but there is a group that just doesn’t get the hint…. lol

    But the one that I’ve never seen before -the bathroom guestbook- Wtf? That is freakin funny!

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