One Month Blogging Anniversary

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Hey guys! Guess what… I made it one month! 10 blog posts, many sleepless nights and a lot of failed photo shoots, now here we are! I figured I would do a recap of my first month anniversary, share my experiences and my goals for the future.
Sound good?
Okay cool.
Let me just start by saying that blogging. is. hard.  It really is. You literally have to plan everything. Yes, everything. Every Instagram, Tweet, Pinterest Pin, Facebook post, etc. When people have asked me how my blog is going, my main answer is, “Great! Now I know why people blog full-time.” It takes a lot of work, and this is a total misconception between bloggers // non-bloggers. Now, I can barely call myself a blogger, but I’m serious- it’s REALLY hard work. But, it’s SO rewarding.
After my Men’s Gift Guide was published, I had a few people come up to me saying that they had bought things from my guide. I literally stood there with a blank stare in awe that someone actually read my blog. It was such a rewarding feeling! I don’t make any commission off of anything I do, so I was genuinely happy that I could help others, which was the main point of posting gift guides! I honestly didn’t think anyone would read my blog, so THANK YOU to EVERYONE who is reading, has read, and will continue to read.
You are my inspiration!
I will admit that I’ve had a bad case of the comparisons… I’ve constantly been comparing myself to other bloggers out there who have this beautiful aesthetic, and photos and content and beautiful perfect faces and small feet and skinny bodies. And I’ve really been struggling with that. But I came to the realization that this blog is whatever I make of it. Me. No one else. And that the people reading genuinely want to be here. I am practicing this super-awesome thing… Not comparing yourself to others… and being 100% yourself – 100% of the time. It’s been pretty cool; I suggest trying it some time! I’ve become more and more comfortable with myself and who I am, and where I want this to go. I know in my heart who I am, and how important self-originality is.
Be original. Be true. Be yourself.


G O A L   D I G G E R


Because I started a blog towards the end of the calendar year, I see 2018 as a fresh approach to accomplishing all of my blogging and real-life goals (duh).


Here are a few of my blogging goals for 2018!
  • Be Present. Write content and schedule it so I’m not feeling pressured and rushed if I don’t have a post scheduled.
  • More Giveaways! As a fellow blog reader, I love During my last giveaway, I felt more connected with my followers and it gave me a purpose to keep blogging!
  • Write Authentically. I vow to myself and to my readers to stay true to who I am, and not compare myself to other bloggers. I am not those people – I am myself! (This is also a personal goal of mine…)


As we say goodbye to the year 2017, I can’t help but get excited to what the future has in store, and I’m thrilled to welcome 2018 with open arms!
Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, texted, etc. my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you… THANK YOU!!
What are some of your goals and resolutions for the new year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Honestly 2017 was such a shit show I’m just hoping 2018 is better. Trying not to have any expectations because that usually leads to disappointment.

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