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My name is Danielle, and this is the Down Low. I’ve made a decision to finally start a blog, after dreaming of starting one for years. I love all things fashion, makeup, and home decor, maybe a little too much.
So, without further ado, this is the Down Low.
W H O     A M
I am a graphic designer // student // wife // dog mom by day, and ambitious // exhausted // hungry blogger at night. Growing up, I always loved fashion. And by fashion, I don’t mean couture fashion houses. No, I loved everything. Heck, you could take me to Kmart or Mervyn’s (RIP) and I’d fall in love with at least five things before my mom dragged me out of the store almost bankrupt! I knew I really loved fashion when I bought a blazer from H&M during back-to-school shopping before my junior year. Now, back then, no one in high school wore blazers. Blazers were more appropriate for work, you know, business casual. Well, Danielle had to have it. It took me a minute to muster up the courage to wear it to school, but one day, I did it. I had also purchased a pair of cognac-colored knee-high boots from Alloy. Boy oh boy was I in for it.
I showed up to school with my new blazer and boots and everyone just looked at me. I sat in the middle of the quad and I could feel their gazes burning towards me. What did I do? Laugh. I totally laughed it off. Because I knew, that day, that I felt confident and LOVED what I was wearing. And you know what is totally “in” right now? Blazers and knee-highs! Take that, everyone!
Before high school ended, I desperately wanted to attend FIDM in San Francisco. Due to the tuition being way too expensive, I didn’t go. However, that didn’t stop me from pursuing what I loved. I enrolled in our local community college (which is just as hard, if not harder than university) and took some fashion classes. I loved every minute of it.
As things usually go in life, school fizzled out and I eventually lost interest. Love came and swept me off my feet, distracting me in the best way possible.
Fast-forward after one marriage, one house, one dog, and two cats later, I applied to be a personal stylist at Stitch Fix. My passion for fashion came back, and I was so excited! I must admit, I mostly applied just to see if I’d get any bites… and I sure did. I was chosen to interview which eventually led to a part-time job as a Stitch Fix stylist. I loved it, I really did. Getting customer feedback was the best part of that job. Hearing that my client was ecstatic over the clothing pieces I picked for her, and how they made her feel and look her best was the ultimate reward. (The discount was pretty cool, too!). My full-time job picked up and so did my styling. I was working 60+ hours/week and driving myself insane. Working that much while trying to run a household with a new puppy was not the most ideal situation. So, with a heavy heart, I put in my notice and resigned from my stylist position.
Although I’m sad I don’t work with Stitch Fix anymore, I’m so grateful for the opportunity and the training that they provided. They were a great company to work for, with great incentives and an awesome training program. If you’re looking to delve into the fashion industry, try styling for them! (Not sponsored, I just really like them!)
SO. Fast forward to today, right now. I am a full-time graphic designer and a part-time photographer. I have decided to finally start what I tried to achieve years ago- a fashion and lifestyle blog. I finally did it!
W H A T   T O   E X P E C T
Here’s what you can expect from me:
  • HONESTY. I am always honest. I’ll be trying new things here and there and will ONLY give my honest opinion, whether it be good or bad. I value my integrity more than anything else, so I hope you trust me.
  • CREATIVITY. I am a natural-born creative, so it’s in my blood to color outside of the lines. I’m not a normal “fashionista.” I don’t have $$$, so often times I find ways around that. Like being a Maxxinista at TJMaxx, or a Bullseye Babe at Target. There are so many resources to looking and feeling your best without spending the big bucks.
  • QUALITY. Because I do work a full-time job, I can’t spend 40 hours curating content for this blog. But, you can best bet that when I do curate content, it is of the highest quality possible. I am a firm believer in quality, not quantity. Now, will my Instagram be the perfect post? Probably not. ‘Cause I’m on the go. ‘Cause life is busy.
My posts are aimed towards the everyday woman. She might work, she might not. She might be a stay at home mom or a boss babe at the office. Either way, this is aimed towards everyone. I don’t wear heels, hardly ever, so I won’t probably post about those too often. My new obsession: mules. I love a good mule (alcoholic, too!). I aim towards budget-friendly-chic. I don’t go shopping every day, but when I do go out, I look for one, maybe two, pieces that my wardrobe might be lacking. This is how I build my closet without breaking the bank. Stick with me and you’ll see the method to my madness.
I N   C L O S I N G
If you’re still with me here, then thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my long, strung out thoughts for the last ten minutes. I am so beyond excited to share this exciting adventure with my friends, family, and hopefully new inter-web friends that I meet along the way.
The Down Low

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