It’s Finally Here! The Down Low Blog

My name is Danielle, and this is the Down Low. I’ve made a decision to finally start a blog, after dreaming of starting one for years. I love all things fashion, makeup, and home decor, maybe a little too much. So, without further ado, this is the Down Low.   W H O   I   A M I am a graphic designer // student // wife // dog mom by day, and ambitious // exhausted // hungry blogger at night. Growing up, I always loved fashion. And by fashion, I don’t mean couture fashion houses. No, I loved everything. Heck, you could take me to Kmart or Mervyn’s (RIP) and I’d fall in love with at least five things before my mom dragged me out of the store almost bankrupt! I knew I really loved fashion when I bought a blazer from H&M during back-to-school shopping before my junior year. Now, back then, no one in high school wore blazers. Blazers were more appropriate for work, you know, business casual. Well, Danielle had to have it. It took me a minute to muster up the courage to wear it to school, but one day, I did it. I had also purchased […]

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